HomePod Issues iOS 14.3

I’ve shared these feedback with Apple and hoping to share this with others.

What I’ve encountered… I have iTunes Match enabled, I do not have Apple Music and HomePod set to default to my AppleID. I could ask Siri to play music from my library and it works just fine. The problem occurs when I ask Siri to play specific songs. I would sometimes add context like “Play xxx song from my library”. Siri would respond that it cannot find the song in Apple Music. I could repeat the instruction 5-6 times with the same result.

Hmm, why would it default to using Apple Music when I don’t have it? Sounds like a bug to me. Or Apple is forcing me to subscribe when I clearly do not want to…

I’ve noticed this since iOS 14.0 and it’s now 14.3. The problem persists.

#HomePod issues