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My Travels

Places that I’ve been to:

? – Circle the world tour: Minneapolis – UK – Germany – Switzerland – India – Thailand – Malaysia – Hong Kong – Tokyo – Minneapolis.

2011 - Jan & Feb - Houston, TX; Freeport, TX.
Feb - Suzhou, Huzhou, Shanghai, Xitang, Hangzhou, China
March - St Louis, MO
June - Huzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Nanxun, Suzhou, Huangshan
Sep/Oct - Malaysia, Huzhou, Shanghai, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou

2010 – Mar – 12 days in London, UK, Paris, FR, Switzerland (Solothurn, Bern, Basel, Zurich, Geneva, etc.) Backpack, camera and iPhone.
May – Wisconsin Dells
July – North Shore
August – Chicago
September – Chicago (in by 9, out by sunset)
October – Nashville, TN; Niagara Falls, ON; Toronto, ON

Eiffel Tower

2009 – Jan/Feb – Spent a day in Seoul and 2 weeks in Malaysia for Chinese New Year (Ox).
June – North Shore with Josh
October – Fall colors in Bayfield, WI
December – Kansas City, MO, KS for Metric, The Bravery, Spoon, Hockey; San Francisco, CA for Muse, Metric; San Diego for Eric and Mee’s wedding.

2008 - Finished school and now I have no excuses not to travel…
December – Chicago, IL (well, just O’Hare), Boston, MA
May – North Shore, MN
May/June – New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC and parts of VA.
July – 300 miles, 4 days, bike ride to Lake City, Rochester, Northfield, St Paul.
Oct – Ludington, MI

2007 - All my travels will be mostly limited to the summer as my schedule is full during the regular school year…
June – Denver, CO; Arches National Park, UT; Las Vegas, NV; Sacramento, CA; San Franscisco, CA
July – New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA
July – Chicago, IL
August – New York City, NY
December – Grand Rapids, MI; Traverse City, MI
December – North Shore, MN

2006 - Visited my brother in Singapore and spent Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur. Met up with old friends and met new friends – awesome.
April – Art show in Chicago.
May – Out and about in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
June – White water rafting in Menominee River, Wisconsin
July – Rochester, MN, PdC, WI and Iowa.

2005 – Flew to Boston, MA. Watched whales in Gloucester, visited the Witch’s Museum in Salem and ate lobsters in Rockport. Spent some time in Houghton, Michigan.

2004 - Got my Nikon D70 at the end of April. Took lots of photos with it when I was home in Kuala Lumpur. Fun.
Drove along the Mississippi River towards Wabasha, through Stockholm and Lake Pepin, WI.
10hrs drive to South Dakota for Badlands and Mt Rushmore. Took about 1GB worth of photos in an hour. Had a great meal in Keystone, SD. Drove out to Devil’s Tower in Wyoming.
Spent New Year’s Eve at FireLake in Minneapolis.

2003 - Flew to Seattle, WA and Portland, OR. Shopped at Ikea in Seattle. Shipped a cabinet home. Photographed St Helens, Mt Raineer, Multnomah Falls, and almost everything scenic. Seattle is where I started to appreciate King Salmon.
Spent New Year’s Eve in Miami, FL. Cuban coffee – mmmm. Drove to Key West, sat through Glassbottom boat near Key Largo. Deep Sea Fishing near Miami.

2002 - Last minute trip to Manhattan, NY in June. Visited Chicago, IL over Thanksgiving. Stopped by Madison, WI for a few hours.
Spent New Year’s Eve at Times Square, NY. Shopped at Ikea in New Jersey.

2001 - Adept training in Cincinatti, OH. Spent the nights in the Kentucky side of Cincinatti.
Saw Soul Asylum in Chicago, IL.
Drove to North Shore a few times in the Fall. Absolutely loved it.
Spent New Years’ Eve at 3 Muses in Minneapolis.

2000 - Graduation trip: Saw The Smashing Pumpkins in Seattle, WA and again in Portland, OR. Caught Nine Inch Nails while in Seattle.
Was in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA for a few days. Missed NIN there…
Spent New Years Eve in San Franscisco with my brother and his friends. Got my SLR there – Pentax ZX-50.

1999 - Sydney and Gold Coast, Australia.
Las Vegas, NV – what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. :) Went to Hoover Dam. Crossed over to the Arizona side.
Spent New Year’s Eve in Chicago, IL.

1998 – The great San Franscisco road trip. Spent 2 1/2 days on a Greyhound bus from Detroit to Sacramento. States covered: Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, California. Spent 4 days getting back.
Went to Chicago, IL with Ruby Ave housemates. One of the most memorable ones – 4 people from 4 different parts of the world in one car and we don’t get along. We can’t agree on places to eat and places to go.
Spent New Year’s Eve in Kuala Lumpur.

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