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Waiting to be inspired

Watching Larry Crowne, it's quite the movie. He didn't seem to let the bad situation take control of him. But instead, he took it as a way to invent himself. He enrolled in college and took the job that was there for him. Most would think that being the cook from a store supervisor is a demotion. In some ways it is, but let's be practical. Sometimes it is important to do what makes sense...

I couldn't help myself from being inspired by his story. A fictional one but when there's a good plot, it doesn't really matter.

I'm not waiting for the next big inspiration. I keep wondering about what's my big break and when I'll get it. I think it's there in front of me. Just have to look at it with a different light.

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Reflections in February

On the plane back from Shanghai to Detroit, from Detroit to La Guardia and La Guardia to MSP, I read several chapters of the Steve Jobs book. It's an inspiring book to learn about the life of Steve Jobs and the story of Apple. One of the lessons to take out from it is the need to reinvent ourselves (or company) every few years.

Looking back at my life, I had some life changing events through the years. I would remember having a 'dark period' where there wasn't much advancement in my life, similar to Apple when Steve was not at Apple. Those are the times that you learn about what's important. Then you go through a phase of change because you realize it's needed. In 2006, I started my MS in Software Engineering. The next 2 years would help change the way I think and approach problems. There were times when I stopped and asked myself if this stressed time was worth it. Well, without it, I would say that I won't be where I am today. It's a catalyst for starting the re-inventing process.

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I've always believed that there are patterns in numbers and statistics is a way of unlocking them. Or helping you see the pattern.

I definitely think that the time I spent at Dow has taught me to look and appreciate numbers and data in front of you. I think it has definitely made me a different engineer. It has also shown me that most people speak with feelings and emotions.

Even with my strong bias towards data, I also believe in intuition. Data can help intuition make sense.

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