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iPhone Tethering – why not let us tether?

Reading this article on iPhone tethering sparked a thought in my mind. In my mind, I disagree with what's being done here. Yes, we paid for data plan but why should you regulate and make a distinction on what type of data we use? I know you can but there should be some form of anti trust law that protects us against this type of behavior.

This limitation is not there in carriers outside the US - China and Malaysia. Yes, they are still in the business of making money. This might be a philosophical question of this is just the way it is because that's how we make the rules. We don't want you to tether because we want to limit bandwidth and we also don't want you to use up to your limit.

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The Year 2011

It has been a great year. Things moving fast, almost too fast. January felt like a long time ago but it was 11 months ago. Sometimes it feels like I have not done anything this year.

This year, I have been to Asia three times. I visited China for the first time in February, again in June and one more time in October. Each of my visit slightly better than the other. The details are fuzzy and clear at the same time. There are just the times when I remember what I said or did. There are places that I was at, things that I saw, words that I said. Every bit different and exciting at the same time.

In September, I was in Malaysia too. Got a new passport and stayed through the hot days at home, not doing much. I often wondered how hot can it get but it's quite unbearable without air conditioning... Yes, I'm spoiled.

Job wise, this has been the year. I was promoted in May. Title changed and with more responsibilities but with same $. Sucks but good experience. I'm preparing myself for what's to come. Or I'm just getting screwed. In October, I started a new role. I had agreed to sign on to start up one of the production lines in Saudi Arabia. It will be a good change of pace for me and I eagerly anticipate the challenges ahead of me.

To what may come...