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My first day to Houston started rough. I got home around 2:30. Started packing and doing my laundry. My flight left at 7 and I was planning on leaving for the airport around 5:30. Decision time - sleep or stay awake?

I chose to sleep. Got an hour after spending an hour getting ready. Got to the airport before 6. Amazingly awake. But the lines were long. Note to self: avoid Sat 7am flights as people are going on cruises leave at this time.

Miraculously I got through getting my boarding pass and going through security in 30 mins.

Fast forward to 10 am. I'm in Houston. Weather is warmer and the shock of being in a strange town kicks in.

Somehow I got myself a car and drove myself to Tila. It's a mexican restaurant that my friend Angela had blogged about.

Well, I sat outside as it was warn enough for my liking. Ordered sangria. Yum.

I ordered a tortas with grilled chicken for lunch. It came on 2 large bread and I realized it had cheese on it. Uh uh. Took it off and started eating it. It actually tasted good. The beans wasn't overpowering. You can taste the avocado and chicken. It was well balanced.

I finished my tortas. I like tortas a lot but this is not the best tortas that I've ever had. Nevertheless it was good. Plus the waiter had a good attitude so some added plus.

Final verdict: it was okay. I'll have to try another tortas in Houston to be amazed.

After lunch, I looked around what's around Houston. I went to the Houston Center of Photography. Admission was free. They had an auction going and there was some good pieces on display. Verdict: must see if you like photography.

Next, I tried to go to the Natural Science Museum. Spent a lot of time looking for free parking. I finally gave up and left. I decided to check in. Took an hour nap to improve my mood.

Woke up and got some Jamba Juice. I walked there as the hotel I'm staying at is at a very busy intersection by The Galleria.

Walked around The Galleria and it's just another shopping mall for me.

After all that walking around, I went to dinner. Drove to Pappas steakhouse over on the west side. Had Kobe rib eye. Very good. Not as soft as I had imagined but it filled me up. Definitely full and definitely satisfied.

Sunday. Day 2. I spent the entire day at the Space Center. It is one amazing place. I'm always fascinated with space and this is one way to live it.

Overall, Houston is kind of interesting. Still have places that I could visit like Kemah.

I'll be back. 🙂


Going to Houston

I'm going to be in Houston this weekend. What sort if trouble can I get myself into?

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And now… 2 weeks later.

The last 2 weeks... Well, I saw it coming, it came... And it went... My life was a blur during the past 2 weeks. Did a lot, ate a lot, saw a lot, bought a lot. Typical things to do when you have guests.

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Wedding Album

Kristen and Geno

Millennium Trilogy

I watched the first movie this past weekend and loved it. Should be a great read.

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2010 – A Look Back

2010... Wow. It was definitely a year to be remembered.

Work-wise, the last few months of the year, it got really busy. It's hard to imagine but in the last quarter, I managed to go to Chicago, Madison, Nashville, Toronto and spent more time in Madison again. All in 3 months.

Niagara Falls


Hello world!

Welcome to my new blogging site. I had a database accident and decided it was time to clean it up and start over. The old one is still available.

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